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iTrackPro GPS Solutions
GPS tracking devices.
Why choose iTrackPro as your technological partner?

iTrackPro is one of the biggest GPS provider for the Americas, Africa and Asia, in matters of a complete B2B AVL solution for automatic vehicle location.

Is qualified to provide a solution based on GPS and Cellular location, ensuring a complete and safety AVL tracking application in real time.

We have specialized, through our experience in vehicle tracking for monitoring companies in the America continent, to their own satisfaction to our products and loyal to our company.

Main reason for this success, is balance between price, stability, ease of use and quality.

All system components has been carefully selected and integrated on a total solution.

If you are starting your own AVL business up, then iTrackPro is your answer.

AVL business offer high feedbacks rates, but also a higher initial investment. If the initial investment is lower, then the income will also be lower.

In our case costs are excellent, and the products very stable, this is what makes the difference between others similar companies.

Another difference is remote programming which makes easier all sistem implementation.

We do not intend you believe without testing first, for this we offer you to order an Evaluation KIT and find out how stable, faster, accurate and small our vehicle unit is.

While other sell a product, we provide a full business for you to build up, starting from the very use of the product.

This conceptual change, has increased sales all around the world.

Our product guarantee very good recovery ranges as they are not based on radio telemetry for location.

Even more, are based on the cellular network, widely available, and in the real GPS precision signal.

We offer then, an excellent operation range, (in the entire country and with roaming use even in several countries) without paying a monthly fee, as it is a "turnkey" solution, a difference that makes iTrackPro an intelligent option to stablish your own Monitoring or Recovery business.

How can I evaluate/demonstrate this products?

Visit our demo version from our platform in the next link:

I suggest to start up with our INITIAL REPRESENTATION PRO KIT

We dont charge licencing or monthly fees.

It will allow to test the system and see how it works before ordering in bulk. The cost of the KIT is very accessible.

Lots of clients has started their AVL business up this way.

What are the elements that the INITIAL REPRESENTATION PRO KIT includes?

PRO KIT option:
-1 SERVER WEB - includes installation at your company.
-Representation Opportunity and iTrackPro products Distribution
-1 Deskto Software for configuration and diagnosis
-Without monthly costs, or costs for support or updates.
-Lifetime Updates wihout charges as well as minor adaptations.
-MSN Support 7 days a week.
-2 iTrackPro AVL quadband units (GPRS/GPS/GSM)
(includes GPS and GSM antennas, internal back up battery, panic button and connection wirings)
-1 Configuration Cable
-Shipping through FedEx is paid by us
-Delivery time for AVL model is of 3 days.

How can this system detect robbery?

If the vehicle has an alarm, and if this one was previously armed, the simple fact that an event such "Inside Doors" can be produced, broken glass,or even a sudden movement from the sensor, the system will be activated.

Assume that the alarm siren is connected to an input events from the GPS unit. The unit will detect the event and send an SMS to the base station. This one will receive the report of theft through the correct input and will display an audible warningin in the software window, while allowing the nearly instantaneous location-real-time- from the vehicle.

If the vehicle has no alarm, it does not differentiate the door opening made by the owner or by an intruder, although it can detect, through a sensor-, if there are broken glass. We recommend the use of a conventional alarm system to optimize safety.

The fact is that the intruder does not notice there is an alarm or a GPS unit connected, so the system itself will allow the peaceful recovery of the vehicle, as the monitoring station operator, you can remotelly turn off the engine (fuel pump) at the right time. This also enables a coordinated work with the police and total control by the security company.

This method is better compared to those that block the engine just the thief enters through the door, because they, usually realizing try to disable security mechanisms so that he can steal the car.

In the other situation, they do not even know that something is going on, so they focus on driving the car after believing they conducted a successful burglary. So we do not recommend either, the installation of flashing LEDs that indicate the activation of safety systems.

What GPS is and why should I need it?

GPS is a system consisting of several satellites orbiting the earth.

These satellites provide a signal to the iTrackPro GPS unit (hidden inside the vehicle), which will process the signal using complex geometric projections for vehicle position (latitude and longitude), real-time speed, altitude, quality of the position, time, date and other data. All GPS receivers used in the market, have an accuracy of 20m at the location obtained.

This position can then be sent to the base station, using one or more wireless protocols (eg, sending an SMS on a GSM cellular network). And with the use of a secure protocol, the base station can then interact with the vehicle and for example, turn off the ignition in case of theft or detecting panic button.

So if you want to know where and how your own or your customers vehicles are, you need a GPS. Only the GPS receiver is not useful because it applies to hand-held GPS. You need to change all the hardware and software able to give maximum performance by providing a friendly operational and 24 hours support to end customers.

In case of theft, how should I track my vehicle?
From any PC with Internet, from any country you can access the tracking website by entering your username and password and this way access to the location of their vehicles on the map.
Do I need a subscription or a montly payment service?
No, is a one time fee, you need only to pay the costs of cellular service for each vehicle unit montlhy as in any other AVL unit.
Can I charge my customers for using your system?

That is precisely the business plan. In several countries, our company has developed different solutions to its reseller partners.

The idea is to charge an installation fee USD 250-300, renting the equipment (ie equipment is always yours) and then monthly fees for monitoring between U.S. $ 20-30 depending on the services rendered. This varies greatly, it should be a market study to see how much others are charging, etc, but in the medium term is a very profitable business, especially because the equipment are always yours, and the installation cost is deducted and the remainings are practically profits.

Obviously the business profits gets better as long as you keep low rate from the cellular service, and on the other hand, a marketing plan that would achieve 2000 customers for 2 years.

The business is financed, with numbers of customers paying a monthly fee that lets you quickly recover the initial investment you made.

Our recommendation is to establish a charge of $ 25 per month. So when you Reach the barrier of 2000 customers:
2000 x 25 dollars. -_ 50,000 (suppose you invested 10,000 in infrastructure, personnel and cell lines, your income is 40,000 dollars)

You will have a profitable business (around 480,000 per year)

Reaching the line of the 2000 customers logically requires financial support, for the initial investment, but it is an opportunity to enter in the AVL business seriously and before other companies do the same.

Can a thief deactivate the system?

We would say no, but the truth is that no system in the world that is 100% secure.

In any way, we´ve thought on different scenarios in which you would be protected by iTrackPro.

If you have a backup battery and the thief deactivate the main source, the system will immediately alert and notify you.

The only way a thief can steal a car is to reach a place in a container, where GPS signals do not reach or cellular coverage.

There is no way, or system in the world that can predict this eventuality, unless your vehicle has installed a sudden motion sensor and in your iTRACK GPS unit, which will be notified whenever an event is detected on your car. You can add a glass break sensor or a car alarm. This would be the most efficient way to prevent theft.

Will it work in any where?

While there is cellular coverage, yes. If you live in the U.S. have excellent coverage as well as in other countries (Canada, Mexico, etc)

The system works in over 90 countries, with different mobile carriers.

How fast the information is transmitted?

Real-time, GPRS mode, SMS takes a few seconds to send the message.

The time report is configurable, but you can also check by remote command position at any time.

How much should I charge to my customers?

We have partners in Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia and Mexico, which many of them charge an initial connection fee of 120 dollars. Then they charge a monthly fee of 30 dollars.

For each unit. The vehicle unit is owned by the company, in some cases, they sell it and make an annual service contract.

This will give you profits in 6 months, as soon as you., quickly install the units.

This is an example of annual investment related to this business.

2 años Contracts Gross Income Estimated cost Gross Income Estimated Cost Gross Income
Month New Clients Total Clients Installation Installation Monitoring (month) Monitoring (month) MONTHLY
Simulation Sum USD 100 USD 20 USD 30 USD 2.500

ago-12 27 27 USD 2.700 USD 540 USD 810 USD 2.527 USD 443
sep-12 26 53 USD 2.600 USD 520 USD 1.590 USD 2.553 USD 1.117
oct-12 65 118 USD 6.500 USD 1.300 USD 3.540 USD 2.618 USD 6.122
nov-12 71 189 USD 7.100 USD 1.420 USD 5.670 USD 2.689 USD 8.661
dic-12 29 218 USD 2.900 USD 580 USD 6.540 USD 2.718 USD 6.142
ene-13 20 238 USD 2.000 USD 400 USD 7.140 USD 2.738 USD 6.002
feb-13 106 344 USD 10.600 USD 2.120 USD 10.320 USD 2.844 USD 15.956
mar-13 86 430 USD 8.600 USD 1.720 USD 12.900 USD 2.930 USD 16.850
abr-13 54 484 USD 5.400 USD 1.080 USD 14.520 USD 2.984 USD 15.856
may-13 71 555 USD 7.100 USD 1.420 USD 16.650 USD 3.055 USD 19.275
jun-13 156 711 USD 15.600 USD 3.120 USD 21.330 USD 3.211 USD 30.599
jul-13 105 816 USD 10.500 USD 2.100 USD 24.480 USD 3.316 USD 29.564
ago-13 168 984 USD 16.800 USD 3.360 USD 29.520 USD 3.484 USD 39.476
sep-13 108 1092 USD 10.800 USD 2.160 USD 32.760 USD 3.592 USD 37.808
oct-13 101 1193 USD 10.100 USD 2.020 USD 35.790 USD 3.693 USD 40.177
nov-13 143 1336 USD 14.300 USD 2.860 USD 40.080 USD 3.836 USD 47.684
dic-13 173 1509 USD 17.300 USD 3.460 USD 45.270 USD 4.009 USD 55.101
ene-14 232 1741 USD 23.200 USD 4.640 USD 52.230 USD 4.241 USD 66.549
feb-14 186 1927 USD 18.600 USD 3.720 USD 57.810 USD 4.427 USD 68.263
mar-14 177 2104 USD 17.700 USD 3.540 USD 63.120 USD 4.604 USD 72.676
abr-14 123 2227 USD 12.300 USD 2.460 USD 66.810 USD 4.727 USD 71.923
may-14 156 2383 USD 15.600 USD 3.120 USD 71.490 USD 4.883 USD 79.087
jun-14 139 2522 USD 13.900 USD 2.780 USD 75.660 USD 5.022 USD 81.758
jul-14 219 2741 USD 21.900 USD 4.380 USD 82.230 USD 5.241 USD 94.509

Gross Income Year 1 USD 207.090
Gross Income Year 2 USD 845.270
TOTAL USD 1.052.360

Our business is selling vehicle units, your business is to provide AVL service for which you´ll charge per installation, equipment sales and monthly rate. We offer GPS tracking device and GPS vehicle trackers, and also Live GPS trackers for container tracking, personal tracking, law offender and trucking companies.

Although this requires an initial investment, rents are very high compared with other businesses these days.


How should I start developing my own business?

ITrack GPS units need a cell phone service, which the provider packet companies, offers great advantages.

Choose the one with the biggest coverage in the country, telling the cell protocol iTrackPro units use and quantity. Tell that these lines will be used to send and receive data.

If your units are based on GSM, the process is more simple, you have to get as many SIM cards as Units you have and one to the base station.

Once done you need to install GPS units in a hidden place of the vehicle. Installation is very simple, this process includes:

Installing the GPS antenna (this must be horizontal and not hampered by metal objects on the top), and the GSM antenna if necessary, another installation is a panic button and other devices like glass breaking or cutting pump fuel, these easy. The process is similar to a vehicle alarm system.

You only have to click a button on the screen, for example by pressing "Find Vehicle" and see real time status of their units remotely. The use of the web platform and communication software are very simple and friendly.

What about the Software Installation and Configuration?

The next step will create the basis for its customers using the Web SERVER iTrackPro.

Access the tracking page with your username and password, note that the admin user has all the powers of creation and editing of data.
The first step is to create username and password of your new customer. Then you must create the vehicle data, an important issue is to properly write the ID number down for each vehicle (ID numeric 6 digits) and the cell number used by each unit simcard iTrack GPS.

Once created the user and vehicle, the corresponding vehicle will be assigned to that user.

As for the configuration data to each iTRACK GPS unit, it can be done via SMS remotely, or if it is done prior to installation in the vehicle is advisable via USB cable (connecting the PC directly to the unit). Through USB cable, it is used a configuration software which allows to quickly enter the parameters of cellular operator, time reporting, limit speeding, etc.

You should verify that the simcard has the appropriate service, either SMS or GPRS communication, that the same are unlocked and activated with enough credit on it. You can check the operation of the unit through its iTRACK GPS LEDs GSM and GPS status.

All complex tasks made by our equipment are iTrackPro creations. And because we are a company that offers development services (additional cost) to add extra features and free support via email and MSN.

What do I need to become a distributor?

The only condition for being a distributor is the purchase of 100 units. You will then be provided with all necessary information to initialize a base station completely. You will be also provided with free support through email and MSN.

If you want an exclusive contract for his country, the condition is a minimum purchase of 1000-5000 units annually (depending on country)

Locate the best cellular coverage available in your country (GSM).

You´ll Receive discounts for frequent bulk purchases, ask about the different representation modalites.

What Map formats are acceptables?
The web platform uses google maps and google earth.
What does AVLS and AFMS means?

AVLS is: Automatic Location System vehicles.

AFMS is: Automatic Monitoring System Fleet.

We are always adding applications to our software in terms of fleet monitoring, which are included to help operators sort and process mobile events in real time situation.

With this a complete units control is achieved, no matter how many events occur simultaneously. The user can work on each vehicle unit to solve the security status of each.

Consider that you can also make suggestions you think necessary about possible new applications or utilities for your R & D project, which will have a re reasonable additional cost depending on the complexity and time it takes to develop applications.

What Map formats are acceptables?
The web platform uses google maps and google earth.
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